Stay chic throughout your trip with these beauty dos and donts!

Irrespective of the mode you take, there is no doubt that travelling takes a toll on your skin, hair, and appearance in general. It becomes all the more important to look after yourself when on a trip. At the same time, it is also difficult to do so because all you want to do is let your hair down and unwind.

Donโ€™t worry, though. Just follow these simple tips to stay gorgeous throughout your travel-

1. When travelling, the concept of too much moisturiser does not exist:

Apply moisturiser generously the night before you are set to fly or catch your train or bus. Air-conditioned atmospheres tend to dehydrate your skin, which needs to be prevented from the very beginning. Even otherwise, make sure that your skincare routine incorporates a hydrating night cream as per your age and skin type.

2. Go easy on, if not ditch, your foundation:

When you are on your way to your destination, switch your foundation with your moisturiser. An all-in-one, A-Z cream with SPF protection that takes care of coverage, pores, fine lines, and fatigued skin will be best to keep you fresh all day. You could apply a tinted moisturiser upon reaching. If you absolutely cannot do without your foundation, make sure that you first apply a primer. Also, a long-lasting, stain-free foundation is worth your money.

3. Say no to deeply tinted or long-lasting lipsticks:

When you are away, make lip tints your best friend because long-lasting and deeply pigmented lipsticks tend to parch your lips. Lip tints are easier on your lips and can be applied in multiple layers and regularly touched up with a clear gloss. If you are not a fan of gloss, you could try using a semi-matte lipstick enriched with shea butter and essential vitamins to ensure that your lips stay hydrated.

4. Slather on your lip care product as frequently as possible:

Hydrating your lips while travelling is important, so keep your lip care products like lip balms, lip scrubs, etc. handy. If you have lipstick on, keep coating it with a medicated lip balm because it will not strip the colour away. If you can go for a multipurpose organic balm that suits lips as well as dry skin or a spa SPF protection lip balm, then nothing like it.

5. Control puffy eyes:

Travelling overnight tends to give you bags under your eyes, puffiness, and dark circles. Treat tired eyes by bundling some ice in a washcloth and placing it below your eyes. You could also soothe exhausted, puffy eyes by keeping used green tea bags that have been refrigerated for two hours on your eyes for 15 minutes. Not only will you look and feel fresh, but your eye makeup will come out looking great as well. Using an eye cream twice a day is a must!

6. Mascara is a bad idea:

Mascara trails down onto your cheeks, which is the last thing you want when you are enroute your destination. Embrace your natural lashes and lay off the mascara. If you must, use a waterproof and smudge-proof mascara that takes care of lash nourishment as well.

7. Bright nails are risky:

Opt for subdued, subtle nail colours for the duration of your trip. Dark nail colour tends to chip off easily and looks shabby. You could also buff your nails to bring out their natural sheen and steer clear of the hassle of maintaining a nail colour completely. Also, carry a transparent base and top coat to keep your nail colour from chipping. Tie it all up with a hand cream that is in your handbag at all times. Hand cream might just be your friend in SOS situations!

8. Carrying your cleanser is essential:

Skin tends to break out at the drop of a hat when you travel. To eliminate the chances of having to deal with acne, carry your cleanser wherever you go and enjoy your vacation, and your clear skin, blissfully.

9. Keep your hair under control:

To ensure that your pictures arenโ€™t ruined on account of you frizzy hair, keep a boar bristle brush in your handbag at all times. Consider covering your hair with cute berets, hats, scarves, or bandanas to keep them tame. Tame your hair with a small glob of a UV protecting split end serum or hair CC cream.

10. Stay alert- Dandruff may make an appearance:

Change of water may lead to dandruff. Make sure that your travel shampoo can combat dryness or flakiness too.

Fact: You need to work, travel, slay, repeat.

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