Listen Up, Men!

Grooming Is Important.

The old-fashioned notion about only women being concerned about grooming themselves on a daily basis has started to fade away. Today, it is seen that men tend to believe more in optimizing their appearance in order to achieve a better social acceptance. Why else is the number of male lifestyle bloggers on the rise in the online content space, and that too rapidly?

Regardless of what you do professionally or where you stand personally, dear men, please note that grooming yourselves is important. Are you wondering about how to up your game and be immaculate at all times? All you have to do is follow this simple guide:

a) Invest in a signature fragrance:

The first step every man needs to take is to find a scent that suits his personality well. A subtle, masculine fragrance is a good idea. Ditch strong and obvious aromas that might make people stop and sniff. A light and citrusy smell works best for all seasons. Personality definition aside, many struggle with rancid BO. Roll-ons have antibacterial properties that prevent body odour, while antiperspirants kick in after you start perspiring and hence, you should go the roll-on way.

b) If you want to sport a clean shaven look, you need to take a few precautions:

To prevent damaging your skin while shaving, it is necessary to use a moistening shaving foam that will lubricate the surface of your skin and expand your pores to let the hair strands come off easily. This will help the razor blade to work on the beard in smooth glides and save your time by preventing repetitive efforts. If you cannot find a shaving foam, donโ€™t resort to soap right away- slather on some olive oil for better results.

c) Style your beard with care:

For men who prefer the bearded look, it is essential to maintain the right length. The easiest way to ensure this is to use a trimmer that comes with a variety of attachments. Go for a multipurpose trimmer that does it all- from letting you fine-tune your goatee to shaping your side-burns or eyebrows and cleaning your neck hair.

d) Look after your hair:

It is not just the strands that need care but the scalp too, to avoid problems like greasiness, dryness, and hair-breakage. Shampooing is not the only solution to all your hair woes because too much shampooing could damage your roots and dry the scalp out. Along with a suitable shampoo, you need an effective conditioner to soften your hair. Side note: Condition your beard hair also if it is unruly. Tie it all up with styling products. There are several options out there- hair gels, wax, and mousse- the works!

e) Donโ€™t take skin troubles like acne lightly:

Most men complain about their skin being oily and take it to be the reason for the formation of pimples on their face, forgetting that oily skin means a thicker surface of skin on your face that has the capacity to ward off many skin-related problems as well as prevent wrinkles from developing while aging. Using hard soaps can affect your skin by stripping away all the oil from your face and leaving your skin dry and tight. The solution to saying goodbye to acne is to use a tea-tree face wash and lotion that will prevent pimples and oil buildup without eliminating your skinโ€™s essential oils.

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