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Early early morning… Even as birds were just preparing to chirp…Us 10 girls were up and out of our homes on a December Morning!

Destination: Lal Bagh
Agenda : a simple nature walk
Result : an extraordinary experience with Mr Vijay Thiruvady.

While many around us were doing their daily morning walks, pranayamas, stretches or were playing sports … We were strolling through the history of few hundred years ago.
Yes Few Hundred Years Ago!!

Connecting back with the British the Mughals and many Rulers whose vision was to bring to Lal Bagh a certain exotic variety of plant from any and every part of the world. We learnt about how trade was done in those days!

Little did we know that the magnificent trees that have become a part of our daily lives in Bangalore are infact some rare species which have been traded over by diplomatic or political strategies or simply brought into India as dowry/ trousseau of the Noble Ladies.

The Green Heritage Walk left us hungry… For more!!

MTR called us to the South Indian Feast 🙂

Nature is awe inspiring!!
Now every tree we “met” has left an everlasting impression on us!

Rare Flowers bloomed – not just in Lal Bagh… But within Us Too!

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